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Rider Passes Through Regina on His Epic Journey Print E-mail
Friday, 04 April 2008

Rodrigo Nunes has been on a long journey. He's actually been on the road now for over five months and logged over 30000 kilometers!

He's riding to raise awareness on the poverty and living conditions currently in Brazil. His costs are being sponsored by Businesses across the Western world.

He arrived in Regina on April 2, 2008, stayed overnight here in the Queen City and left the next morning amidst a crowd of well wishers and supporters.

His website is here but it is in Portuguese so use BabelFish to translate. However, there are many videos and images of his amazing journey on his website that need no translation as they capture his experience as words simply can't.

He left from Roque, São Paulo - Brazil (South America) on October 22nd, 2007 and is hoping to return home by May.

Here is the translated text from his first day:

Here the first lines of a great day go.

The exit clearly is moved by many emotions that came being each more difficult day with passing of the days that if approached, and clearly that as everything in the life it has its hour, arrived my hour to leave for America, day 22 of October of 2007, when I woke up, of the little that slept wise person who each day daqui for 6 months would be a great box of surprises reserving me fortíssimas emotions the 8 arrived the team of TV in house I running to finish to arrange mine things that it had been until the 4 of the morning arranging. My cousin was also the Michel, of my house for the city hall, when I arrive there I give of face with all the employees waiting me in the patio, photos interviews, had spoken of my trip in a microphone that had, and they had placed me to speak, but at a moment as this the maximum that obtained to say was to thank presence of all e, to say that it was going....

After the mayor speaking, I fired me to all I mounted in the motion and ai yes leaves but the city hall for my house, and the TV team wanted that I still recorded a mount of things…. later 1 hour I fired to my parents, brothers and of my cousin, the TV team all and passed in the house of my avos to fire and caught the road, but still America does not stop; I was for Sorocaba where it had a battalion of journalists and people waiting me in the Intermotos, for I to fire me, as well as in Are Roque were folloied by beaters of the municipal guard, in Sorocaba were Military Policia passed for all city and them they went closing the crossings with the on buzzer I to pass, until arriving next the Votorantim to láme I and Gods and my motion fired and to leave for America, and now yes only.
It was much heat I stopped and I supplied, and I followed for the city of Mercy; when I am in Tapirai, cooled sufficiently and started to rain, just in the descending of the mountain range, still I was unusual with the weighed motion, with all the luggage and the full tire I had that to go very to devagar…

I followed for br 116 until Curitiba where I passed the night, of morning I was in the Zebra to change my clothes, of I was there for the Health-resort of Comburiu – Santa Catarina. In the deposit of the Zebra it stops of fact changing the clothes, I left there for the 4 hours of the afternoon, was to arrive in the city of Tubarão 8h of the night and was, direct in the firemen where very I was well received and a good one has supper and coffee of manha.. the 7 hours of the morning already were in the road with intention to arrive in the city of Melo in the Uruguay. The afternoon in the immense straight lines of the Rio Grande Do Sul, I with the hung right leg go moving of position in the motion to feel little pain in the coasts, legs… , bunda arms, etc I was for I am, to ones 100kmh looking at the landscapes when I had the happiness to make right in full with the foot in the cat eye… pain was tremendous I thought that he had broken the foot, but did not pass of one strong collision I find that if he was not with a good boot had broken…

The 5 hours of the afternoon, I arrived in the first one of many borders, many photos and also filmed. Ones 5 kms to the front is custom house, them had asked for the automobile insurance to me, safe against third, had that to come back and to make in Jaguarão, in Brazil, all fact, now yes was walking for the green fields of the Uruguay with the sensation to have given to beginning the trip… the 8 hours of the night, arrived the Melo, a city of 70 a thousand inhabitants that is capital of the department, a very calm city, and insurance all the houses are with the opened doors, slept in the house of a friend, coffee of the morning -- barbecue, but finds vocês that he was picanha? It passed far was cow intestine, gave to a knot in estomago the day to me all… I knew the first toll of Americas at least is what they had said me.

Very I was well received for that they do not know what to make to please you to leave the will, after many barbecues I left melo, in right-hander the Montevideo, the pure way green grass more than 400kms of pretty landscapes, until arriving for return of the 5 of the afternoon in Montevideo in the house of a couple of friends, and more barbecue, Saturday of morning we leave to show the capital to me of the Uruguay, was all contented filming and taking off photos until it finished the ribbon, after that the battery and soon the stacks…. marine of first trip…rsrsrsr and in the end Saturday was only for me…

Lunch barbecue in market municipal and has supper barbecue in house of parents of Diego and Karina, day following lunch - barbecue in the house of the couple and the afternoon I followed for Colony of the Sacrament - 200 kms to catch boat until Buenos Aires, what I have to say of the Uruguay that of 23 countries that I know was a country that I would live, for the tranquillity security, and the friendship of the Uruguayan people, then an excellent tip for who is ai goes to travel, pass for this great small country in dimensions but in the affection of its people, that it compensates lacks of pretty landscapes that we are we Brazilians accustomed with ours pretty country,

In the boat I knew 4 Mexicans and 1 Venezuelan, young that studies in Buenos Aires and had invited me to be in the house of them, had taken me to know the capital Argentine the foot… of this time, many photos and images,

Now where I was I can say com.segurança that I was the only Brazilian to be, I was invited to go in the marriage of 2 Mexican couples, and when I arrive there printed of the world all and it is not I exaggerate mine…. Therefore the couples went to marry in the maradoniana iglesia…

This is the same face that I made when I heard. this exactly church of the Maradona, with “priests, monges, very devout women”, a ball sacrificed with crown of thorns, images for all the sides of “DIOS” one terço with small balls of soccer with a small one would chuteria in the place Da Cruz….

E without weaveeing commentaries of Argentina

I lock up my first daily one for Americas

Of Buenos Aires Argentina

Rodrigo Nunes

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