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Saskatchewan Motorcycle Inspection Program Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 January 2008

Having your motorcycle inspected is to your benefit, and there is no charge for this service. Motorcycles owners typically run a much greater risk of having their motorcycles stolen than owners of other vehicles. An accurate record of motorcycle serial numbers is the goal of the program.

In this article, you'll discover:
Why is SGI concerned with keeping accurate records of motorcycle serial numbers?

An accurate record of serial numbers will discourage the sale of stolen bikes and parts because the police will be more likely to detect anyone who tries to register a stolen bike or use it parts.

In addition, good records:
  • allow for more effective tracking of lost or stolen bikes
  • prevent registering of non-existent vehicles
  • identify registration errors
  • assist with manufacturersí recalls
  • help keep insurance premiums down by reducing theft
Which motorcycles must be inspected?

Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 474 cc or greater must have their serial numbers inspected before they can be registered for the first time by each new owner. Motorcycles must also be inspected when there has been a substitution in a component which has a serial number on it, like the frame, engine casing or transmission.

Homebuilt motorcycles, those constructed from a variety of parts made by different manufacturers, or parts made during different years, must be inspected by a recognized law enforcement agency. Motorcycles which do not display serial numbers on the frame, engine and/or transmission must also be inspected.

When are inspections not required?

Inspections are not required if:
  • you are renewing the registration of a motorcycle which was previously registered in your name
  • ownership of the motorcycle has not changed since the bike was last registered
  • all the serial numbered components are the same as the last time you had the bike registered
As well, inspections are not required for new motorcycles if you can present the bill of sale and the New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) provided to you by the dealer at the time of purchase.

How does the program work?

Inspection Stations

SGI claims centres and municipal police forces perform inspections. Inspections are offered only at specified times, so itís important for you to make an appointment. Since motorcycles are registered in April, May and June, please call early for an appointment.

Inspection forms are available from any SGI motor licence issuer. Take your motorcycle and inspection form with you to the inspection station. It will take only a few minutes for the required serial numbers to be recorded.

Complete your registration or renewal

Once your motorcycle has been inspected, you can complete your registration at your local motor licence issuing office. Make sure to present the completed inspection form, along with the other required registration information.

What if there arenít any serial numbers?

Most motorcycles have serial numbers stamped on the frame and engine casing. However, some may have been built without a number, or had the frame or casing changed.

In these cases, arrangements must be made with a recognized law enforcement agency or SGI claims centre to have a serial number placed on the motorcycle. A serial number decal will be riveted into the frame.

Some motorcycles are manufactured with serial numbers on a metal plate thatís riveted to the frame. These numbers are acceptable. No new number need be assigned.

If it isnít registered, how can I get my motorcycle to an inspection station?

Motor licence issuers in Saskatchewan will sell you a 24-hour permit so that you can drive your motorcycle to the inspection station.

Could my motorcycle be confiscated?

A motorcycle that has been refused inspection certification cannot be registered or renewed. Your motorcycle wonít be confiscated, but itís unlawful to operate an unregistered vehicle. Operating an unregistered vehicle also means you have no insurance protection.

Who can I contact for further information?

For further information regarding your inspection, contact the nearest SGI claims centre or local police.

For more information regarding the inspection program, please call SGIís Customer Service Centre at 1-800-667-9868 or 775-6900 in Regina.

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