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Insuring Motorcycles in Saskatchewan Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 January 2008

All motorcycles that have a Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Label of Compliance, must be registered to operate on a public roadway here in Saskatchewan.

Here are some details regarding insurance of a new, used, inter-province, and imported motorcycle in Saskatchewan.

New Motorcycle

If you are registering a new motorcycle, you must provide the New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) which the dealer should have given you. When you purchase a new motorcycle be sure to ask the dealer for the NVIS because you cannot register the motorcycle without it.

You will also need a Bill of Sale to register your new motorcycle. An inspection is not required.

Used Motorcycle

If you are registering a used motorcycle with an engine capacity of 474 cc or greater, you must have the serial numbers inspected prior to registering. To make an appointment for inspection, please contact your nearest SGI claims centre or municipal police force.

Transfer from another province

A current out-of-province registration is acceptable as proof of ownership provided that the same name also appears on the Saskatchewan application.

Imported Motorcycle

A K22 Customs Clearance Card must be presented to register an imported motorcycle.

An inspection is not required if:

  • you are renewing the registration of a motorcycle which was previously registered in your name
  • ownership of the motorcycle has not changed since the bike was last registered
  • all the serial numbered components are the same as the last time you had the bike registered

Source: SGI

Since there is no official motorcycle certification in Saskatchewan, no motorcycle will require a mechanical inspection no matter the source of the motorcycle you are insuring.  The only "inspection" required is one of the serial numbers of the frame, engine and transmission and this can be done at most of the SGI claims centres in the province.

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 January 2008 )